When you're on Burnet around 10 am and you don't want to go to Torchy's and you don't want to go to Omelettery because you are a savvy Austinite and know they're both overrated, you do the smart thing: You go to Austin Diner.

Although, you may have trouble finding it now because it's in an unassuming strip mall next to the savers with inconspicuous signage.

Sit in a hand-stapled vinyl booth, admire the kitschy assortment of second hand mixers and blenders that line the ceiling-height windows as "decor"... order the Mexican Scramble breakfast (may not be the technical name, but... that's what it is)... Chorizo, peppers, cheese all scrambled up and served on top of enchiladas with ranchero sauce and there are some over easy eggs in there.

Shut your face, it's good.

The atmosphere and service are casual, prices are low and the food is just simply yummy.

Beth D.



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Address: 5222 Burnet Rd, STE. #550 Austin, TX 78756  -  Phone:(512) 467-9552


MON - SUN: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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